Friday, January 23, 2015

Nate and Casey do xtranormal!

I feel like it's time to run this classic Nate and Casey video again. :)

 Awkwardness at a whole new level! 


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Monday, January 5, 2015

What? It's already 2015? Have you watched Back to the Future lately?

First off, how many of you were actually around in 1989? I was and really, it doesn't feel THAT long ago. Okay, maybe it does, but even though we're actually in 2015, it still sounds futuristic to me. I remember when the year 2000 seemed way out there.

I LOVED the Back to the Future movies, but of course, when I watched them, the future was still in the future. Now that we ARE the future it's fun to go back and see what the imaginations behind the trilogy got right and what they got wrong.

See this link for the original story:

Here's a recap.

What they got right:

Wearable technology (Google glasses)
Video calls. (Believe it or not, Skype and Flat screen TVs weren't around in the eighties)
Microwave meals (though microwave ovens, as they were called then, were available, they were expensive and not widespread like they are today)

What they got wrong:

Flying cars, hoverboards, power clothing and fax machines.

Fax machines?

Like microwaves, fax machines were just becoming available to the average consumer. I remember when we got our first one. We announced the birth of our third son to friends in Hawaii via fax and they responded back their congratulations - it was incredible for the time. The imaginations of the day were still gobsmack with this new technology, it was hard to imagine the ease of scanning and email that was yet to come.

What about you? Did you watch Back to the Future when it first came out in drive in theaters, or are you part of the younger generation watching it for the first time on DVD or streaming through Netflix?

HAPPY 2015!