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Elle is the bestselling author of fun, other-worldy YA: whimsical things like time-travel, fairies and merfolk (with a nice helping of romance!) She divides her time between BC, Canada, Germany and Mexico, and enjoys drinking coffee and eating chocolate everywhere. 

She also writes cozy mysteries and sweet romance as Lee Strauss.

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An Interview with Elle Strauss:

What inspired you to write a young adult time travel novel?

The idea actually started as a dream, only instead of a cute boy, I took back a talking cat! I've always been fascinated with history and the idea of what it would be like to visit a time in the past. I loved the absolutely brilliant Back to the Future movies. My first attempt involved a time machine, and the whole effort wasn't that good, but I did come away with some reusable ideas. I knew I wanted to write young adult, and at the time, paranormal was really taking off, so I gave my character a "gift". No time machines necessary! 

Why did you choose the pre- American civil war era as the moment in time your main character, Casey Donovan, goes back in time?

I wrote the first draft of CLOCKWISE after moving back to Canada from Boston. I lived in a suburb just outside of Cambridge for a year and took in all the historic sites. As one of the oldest cities in America, it holds a lot of history. I wanted to explore the themes of freedom and civic duty alongside of the angst that goes along with teen romance. The civil war was an interesting back drop to contrast what was going on in Casey's present.

The Clockwise Series isn't a long story arc comprised of many books, but rather a collection of stories involving your protagonist Casey Donovan, with a detour in book 3 with an alternate character, Adeline Savoy. Why did you do that?

When I wrote CLOCKWISE,  I had meant for it to be a stand alone book. Then I thought I'd like to stay in the time travel world, but introduce new characters, which is what I did. Casey meets Adeline Savoy at the end of Clockwise before moving to Hollywood and getting pulled into the drama found in the glamorous Hollywood of the 1950s.

What I didn't expect was a demand from my fans for more of Nate and Casey! (I don't know why this surprised me :)). I had discarded a story thread while writing book 1 and it turned out to be a main thread for the sequel ClockwiseR. Book 2 is a separate, complete story arc with Nate and Casey as leads along with her brother Timothy.

My readers made it clear that, though they liked Adeline, they loved Casey. When I began the next book in the collection, Counter Clockwise, I knew I needed to include Adeline to create some continuity. Casey and Adeline's worlds collide in an unexpected way with tumultuous consequences, especially when it comes to Casey's relationship with Nate.

The series ends with Clockwork Crazy - and things are super crazy for Casey, just as the title indicates.

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