Sunday, March 8, 2015

Update on the Clockwise Collection - what's next?

I'm about to leave for Germany again, and the first item on my writer's agenda when I get there is to return to the 5th installment of the Clockwise Collection - Counter Clockwise

I'm excited to get back to the lives of Nate and Casey, and things are really getting complicated! 

Distressed over Nate's trip with his basketball team (and an accompanying flirtatious cheerleader) to Europe, Casey makes a sudden decision to join a class trip to Hollywood, where she meets up with Adeline, the only other teen time traveler she knows. A field trip, a cocky classmate, and a social network induced misunderstanding of epic proportions push Casey and Adeline together and thrust them into the past... but into who's? Trouble seems to follow Casey no matter what era she's in, and this one filled with gansta's and raucous dancing is no different. Casey and Adeline need to find away back to the 21st Century before they end up in jail with the key tossed and in time for Casey to return to Cambridge and beg a certain worried, angry and gorgeous boy for forgiveness. 

Here's a hint to what era. (I know I posted this pic before, but if you scroll down you can see I lost all my previous pictures!)

Another hint just for readers of this blog: Casey returns to Cambridge, but before she can make things right with Nate, they both go back- and return - to a much altered version of their reality - somehow they changed the future! Will they be able to change it back? And can they fix what they broke between them in the meantime? 

If all goes well, you'll be able to find out this summer!!


  1. I loved the clockwise series....can't wait to read more about casey and nate! So excited....when will this book come out??!!! I am ready to time travel into rhe future for getting this book.
    Love you and your books elle strauss <3

    1. Counter Clockwise will be out this summer! I'm happy you're excited to read it! <3

      Elle :)